33 countries, 2 years completed 1 to go…

The last time I wrote on my blog, I was in my first semester of teaching. It was the hardest year I had experienced since I worked in a warehouse in Michigan. I persevered and finished the year.  Throughout my time I lit countless aroma therapy candles for my sanity and learned various things.  I traveled to 33 countries throughout Africa, Europe and Asia.  I have enjoyed my time in my second year of teaching far greater than my first.  I have survived the “survival ” years as a teacher. I am moving on to my third year. This is my final year in Kuwait as well. I have learned more about myself than ever before. I have an amazing and supportive wife. I have also been accepted into graduate school. I am enjoying my last month of vacation before school ramps back up. Summer brain is in full effect so I have no more to say. Wish me luck !


Living overseas

Well, it has been quite a few months since i have last posted. I have been super busy moving overseas and now I live in Kuwait. When I first arrived to Kuwait it was around 115 degrees. This is a dry heat but still HOT! The experience has taught me many things about myself and how I feel about the world. I have a new found appreciation for the United States and am becoming more patriotic. There are things here that is vastly different from home, but I am starting to enjoy my time here. I also have homesick feelings everyone once in a while.

The experience in Kuwait is unique. I have never experienced this type of environment or lifestyle. Sand is everywhere and their is greenery here, but its because of underground irrigation. There is a light coating of dust on everything. The shopping here is outstanding and their is American food and style everywhere. Luxury is a standard between the natives because of the abundance of oil.

My classroom is coming along quite nicely. I am enjoying teaching my students at my new school, and I look forward to this experience over the next two years. I am teaching a different style from what I am use to on the gulf coast, but I am trying to transition the best way possible. I have to say that have had  a lot of holidays over the last two months and it has been nice! 🙂 Overseas teaching is the way to go if you are single or a teaching couple. This statement helps me segway into my next point.

My wife and I are traveling to Germany,France,Belgium and switzerland during Christmas! We are extremely excited about our winter vacation trip. We get the same holiday off as the United States so its wonderful! Traveling as an overseas teacher is practically a requirement. This spring we are hoping to make a pitstop in Ethiopia and make our main holiday in South Africa. We have more trips planned over our two year stint in Kuwait.

Finally, I am transitioning this blog to what it was originally intended to be. I will always have some food on my blog, but traveling and living aboard is the main focus of my blog now ! 🙂 I am also a teacher so if other teachers want to comment and discuss than that is welcomed as well! kuwait


Last night I officially finished my last assignment for my degree in education. I am completely done with my degree ! I am so relieved and somewhat stunned that there is nothing else I can do. My fate is in the hands of my university supervisor who is grading all of my student teaching work. This is an amazing feeling after almost three years in school. I have no had a semester off including summers since the fall of 2012.  I am going to the school this Wednesday to pick up my cap and gown. I hope that my professor will have everything graded by  the time I walk to receive my diploma. I am moving overseas to teach as well in August. I am beyond excited for my new life that will be starting shortly….. The best thing about this week is my family is arriving from Michigan and Colorado to celebrate and get together. This is the most amazing feeling I have felt in a while. mmmm  Anyways I will be starting a new blog soon. I am going to be documenting and highlight my travels abroad and that will make my new blog more focused………… Photos to come !

Student teaching….

The last few months have been absolutely crazy. I have flow to Ireland and Colorado during my Christmas vacation, and I have gotten through practicum with a B. I am in student teaching right now, and I am almost done with my first experience. I have been at a middle school for the past 8 weeks, and I have been worked hard. It has been an amazing experience, but I am exhausted. haha My next experience is high school in mid march, and I graduate May 9th. I am also moving to Kuwait for a teaching job. I am so tired and I still have a reflection to write..

adios .


Start my Practicum teaching.

Tuesday I start practicum teaching . I am really excited and surprisingly I have no nervousness. I am so ready to help out in my mentor’s classroom and start doing some teaching. I have to do 32 hours of practicum hours in the classroom, but I think I will get a few more hours. I have a wonderful professor for my practicum  and she is extremely helpful. I am so ready to graduate and move overseas god willing. I have applied to Korea, Sudan, Jordan, Brazil, Qatar, and Kuwait.. I need to make some money and pay off my student loans fast ! My career is starting off soon 🙂

Mugshots once again.. and again disappointed.

So my wife and friends go into dinner at Mug shots. A burger joint. I ordered a Texan burger. I asked the waitress for a medium burger. She says to me ” all of our burgers are cooked medium well to well, because they are cooked frozen.” so they dont have the opportunity to cook them to order. Otherwise it will be cold in the middle.. That should have been my first red FLAG. When I eat something from a frozen patty, the meat doesn’t have a chance to stay juicy.. It drys out. Once again I was disappointed in a burger joint’s burger.

Empty profile shells in Myspace….

So I decided to get back on myspace to check it out.. It is neat that you can listen to music for free and put it on your Q list. I really enjoyed getting away from the facebook platform. I noticed I still had friends in my profile list. I go to the photos of the list of friends I still have and it was shocking to notice that alot of my friends were still there!. What i realized though when many of my friends went to facebook they forgot to delete their myspace accounts. I have old photos of friends still on myspace. It is interesting and neat to realize that its still there and kinda sad how the whole world seemed to abandon myspace.

I think facebook is just a place where jobs look you up and judge you. Family getting online and invading your space. I just don’t see the appeal….