Bombed a big one..

I took my second test for Accounting. I am in the 8 week condensed class this semester. I feel like I am understanding the concepts in it.. But when she changes how things look I get flustered and don’t do well on the tests. I chose Accounting because I could take it on the coast, but now I wonder if I should have chose Supply Chain Mngt or International business. Those are up north to far for me to drive 3 days a week, but I dont know what else to do… I am in a pickle.. I dont want to go with Business Management.. So I can be a manager at some restaurant after college? That is exactlyi what I dont wanna do.


One thought on “Bombed a big one..

  1. Len says:

    Gotta be able to recognize the information no matter what. A study partner could help, since their notes will be different from yours. Just a thought

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