I think that connecting with friends whom you might not see in a while is good. I think it is interesting how we do add people we would never want to add or have hundreds of “Friends” who really aren’t our friends. Some of the things that make Facebook strange with how people interface on the social networking site. I think that the biggest part of social networking sites now is that people are getting into huge trouble from work or school over things they post on their own profile.. When I was on my space at least it seemed that this wasn’t such a strong trend. I felt years ago my page was my own part of the web. Now it seems that social networking has blown up into this cluster “fuck” pardon my french way of interacting. I have heard now that many employers want to see that you have a Facebook.
I miss the days when social networking wasn’t so complicated and stressful.

I think the new myspace is getting back to an original format of being about something. You can que your own music for free and have all the music you want to play and share and connect with music .. Its neat but im sure it wont catch on.


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