I think there is not one entire family of people in this country who hasn’t had someone deal with divorce in this country. I realize with my own niece and nephews are dealing with their parents divorce quite hard. My sister takes out a lot of her frustration with her oldest son. She puts a lot of responsibility on her 13 year old son that a young teenager shouldn’t deal with. When his siblings get in trouble.. she takes it out on him. Nothing in a physical nature but verbal and emotional nature. The younger children are rebelling and are acting like bebe’s kids. The father who was at first a “Good guy” by most standards morphed into a drunk with a party problem. I can’t imagine what he has called my sister to her and around her kids. Now that he has no car and no money he wants to go back to her. I think tis just cause he has his fun. I have gotten off topic for a moment. Anyways the kids are suffering because of adults not being adults. 

  The main point I want to make on this blog spot is that this seems to be a normal occurrence with divorce. Seeing it with other families as well but also hearing about it in the news and other media . This is the norm now in our country. How sad is this? I am not saying divorce is the worst option.. Some people really dont need to be married to the other anymore, but its how the “adults” are handling the situation after the divorce is the sad part of this discussion. 


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