Giving it to God.

The past two days have been a long two days.  I got drunk the other day with friends and had a little break down emotionally. I realized tonight that I haven’t been reading my bible enough and I had to give God a lot because I can’t handle everything that I am anxious about and stressed over. I read tonight and prayed to give my worries away. I am not sure who is all reading this, but I feel like reading the word and praying helps my stress go away. I am able to give it to God and help him with my issues. I think I sometimes forget that since I have pride and wanna take on everything myself, but I realize I cant do that all the time. I am feeling better now. I am going to try and make it a commitment more so now to give devotion to God more so I can remain balanced in my life. Anyways I am tired..Goodnight readers and good night God.


One thought on “Giving it to God.

  1. Len says:

    Just like an athlete must train to be the best at his sport, we must train to be our best as Christians. Giving over the small things is practice and makes the grand problems easier to hand over. Keep practicing.

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