Adult swim time… I finally understand the concept !

Adult swim time... I finally understand the concept !

So today I decided to go to my apartment swimming pool and take a dip.. Well… Good ole summer is here and the kiddies are not in school getting their education at this time ! I couldn’t even sit back and enjoy myself at any time while I was there. About 20 minutes into soaking my body in the cool liquid I realized a time when I was a child. We went to a public swimming pool and all the kids and I were having an awesome time ! Then there were those 10 to 15 minute portions of the day where the life guards whistled and all the kids had to get out.. Then the adults who didn’t want to swim while the kids were in the pool jumped in… They leisurely relaxed and I hated this brief moment in my life while I waited anxiously to jump back in. I realized tonight on why they did this.. I now have become the ADULT and I now want my TIME. I soon left and realized the need for things like that and couldn’t understand until now that I am older !


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