Suicide…. Cowardly or misunderstood?

So everyone knows about Robin Williams. Many are shocked and upset about this tragic event, but some are on the offensive. Even though most are saddened some say he is just a coward. The retort to these kinds of comments are that people who say “suicide” is a cowards way out don’t understand the complexity of depression. I personally have grappled with suicidal thoughts and depression from an early age to young adulthood. Since I married my depression truly has subsided. When I had suicidal thoughts the end result never was an actual option but a mere cry for help. This was my case throughout my years of chronic depression.  Beyond mere opinion of this issue the world faces on  a daily basis with human beings I would love to get some real peer reviewed articles from professionals on depression and suicide.. Even though I did not care for philosophy I would love to hear about what y’all think different point of views from philosophers and credible psychologist perceive suicide. The most interesting suicide attempts that go wrong are the “Golden gate suicide attempts”.. Even though many are successful at committing suicide by jumping off the iconic bridge there have been a few who have survived. The last thought is always I made a mistake. I would love to really know what y’all think of this… If you have a strong opinion than back it up with substance. 🙂 

(My personal opinion)

I find suicide to be not exactly cowardly.. You have to be brave enough to end your life. This isn’t something that a personal normally goes into action half halfheartedly. This act is thought out and usually planned. I think its pathetic because your hurting people you leave behind, BUT it takes courage to seal your own fate before your time. I think it is a mix of bravery and a pinch of coward. I understand that I might be hurting people when I say this not to be offensive. I BELIEVE everyone should try to work out there problems.  Only EXTREME circumstances require suicide. Ex… Getting caught in enemy hands in a war zone.  but everyday people should never commit suicide. There is always a solution to  people’s problems. Overall I find it interesting how someone can end their life early.. I have so many curiosities to their decision. For myself i was always entangled with the idea of killing myself, but the fear of the unknown afterwards was something that kept me from jumping ship.. For that I say Thank God… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Suicide…. Cowardly or misunderstood?

  1. Len says:

    Cowardly is not the best word to use, in my opinion. However, “selfish” pretty much sums up how I feel about it. Your life is bigger than you.

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