Tomorrow I am going to be taking my Praxis II exam to be endorsed in Biology 7-12 grade. I have already passed my required Praxis II PLT *Education* exam and my Praxis II Social Studies content. It is such a good feeling to have finished my required exams for the remainder of my degree. I hope tomorrow I can knock out the Biology exam to improve my marketability in finding a job after school. I am at the same level of passion for Science as I am history and social studies. My wife and I are driving to Mobile tomorrow for the exam. For whatever reason not driving keeps my nerves calm for the exam. After tomorrow’s exam I am also taking Middle school math as another endorsement. Finally I want to wrap up my degree with a General science endorsement to teach. As of right now it doesn’t show the availability for this on the Department of edu but I am going to call and check. 

This is such an amazing part of my degree. I am a senior in college and I have spent so much time throughout my college experience doing other things besides my current degree. It is a good feeling to have being almost done. Wish me luck y’all.. Tomorrow is a big day for me because this endorsement on my license to teach is MOST likely more important that my actual Social Studies endorsement.  🙂


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