School life.

I started my college experience in August of 2007. 111 Credit hours later and a span of 5 yrs in between school I am finally seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. I have another year of school left and my dreams of living in the Pacific Northwest are in my sights ! I knew I always needed a bachelors degree, but I have put it off for so long and now it is time to keep my eye on the prize. I know my English grammar and punctuation is horrid, but please forgive me.. Accounting class tonight! I hope and pray that my goal for an Accounting degree does not get derailed !

WELL….. looking back from over a year ago when I started my own personal blog I have some drastic changes.. I quit the accounting program about 3 months into it.. I changed my major to history/ education and haven’t looked back. I always was enchanted by the Pacific northwest  but we are for sure going overseas after my degree.. Dubai, South korea, or maybe Japan.  My english grammar is still horrid… I have about 159 credit hours altogether over my whole entire college career. I should have a whopping 186 hours of college credits…… Less than a year to go ! It’s nice to look back on the past and see my journey up close 🙂


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