Feeling alone…

I started my university level classes last fall. I had taken a writing intensive class to prepare myself for future research papers. This class as very influential and tedious. Since my first semester I had a group of 4 friends who I truly embraced and relied on for moral support. Since the fall of 2013 I have none of them left. 1 is out of the program and the other 3 are either at another campus or I just don’t see. This may seem petty but I really enjoyed their company and support. I hope that I gave them the same feelings. Now I am left almost alone in my studies without my group of friends I became attached too.. I am glad that this is my last semester of school. It has been a long journey but I am excited that it is almost over. I haven’t enjoyed a class with peers since the fall but again it is almost over so I don’t mind to much. I am not sure if I am being a wimp talking like this but if anyone is in the type of program I am in you seem to need that shoulder to lean on with your friends who are going through the same thing you are. 


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